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Developmental Football League 2021 Kickoff

The Developmental Football League

The Developmental Football League (DFL) started its inaugural season on March 27, 2021. The DFL enters the scene during the spring football season. The league is designed with two levels, DFL and DFL-Elite. In DFL, its primary focus is on the developmental stage of youth football. DFL-ELite includes a more progressive developmental approach while also offering advanced experiences for more seasoned and skilled athletes.

DFL started its season with four games played at Meridiana Park (next to Meridiana Junior High School). The league's five-week schedule (including a championship game) started with its first game featuring the Northside Longhorns and the New Star Texans. The second game of the day featured the Manvel Texans and the Northside Oilers. Here are some pictures from the event. ENJOY!!!

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